Jenna-English for small bird.
Marie-French for bitter sea.

Jenna from 9 months to 1 Year.

Jenna holds her bottle.

Jenna holding her bottle.

Jenna asleep on her stomach.

Jenna in her favorite position.

Jenna in a box

Jenna helps put together our new vacuum cleaner.

Jenna plays on a mat.

Wow, you can actually see the carpet in this picture!

Jenna wakes up.

Jenna wakes up.

Jenna chokes out a giraffe.

The first time Jenna ever sat up in her crib.

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Jenna from birth until 3 months

Jenna from 3 until 6 months

Jenna from 9 to 12 months

Jenna from 12 until 16 months