Jenna-English for small bird.
Marie-French for bitter sea.

Jenna From Birth Until 3 Months Old

Jenna and Grammy

Jenna and Grammy at Johns Hopkins.

A close up of Jenna

Jenna engaged in her favorite activity.

Jenna and Dad at Mount Washington.

Jenna and I during her first few days at Mount Washington.

Jenna's first day at home

Jenna's first day at home.

Jenna gets ready for the season's first UT game

Jenna rests up for the Cal/UT game.

Jenna and her friends take a nap

Jenna sleeps on her best friend, Mr Goat.

Jenna slightly bigger than 2 DVD's

Jenna by 2 DVD cases for a size comparison.

Jenna on the couch

Jenna rests up on the couch before lunch.

Jenna with Renee

Renee stopped by for a visit.

Uncle Tom with Jenna

Uncle Tom stopped by too!

Jenna gets ready to go shopping

Jenna gets ready to go shopping with Mommy.

Jenna sits in the shakey chair

Jenna sits in her favorite chair.

Jenna watches The Simpsons

Jenna enthralled by The Simpsons.

Jenna grows to 3 DVD's long.

Jenna has grow to 3 DVD's in length.

Jenna asleep.

Jenna falls asleep since Family Guy got prempted by the World Series.

Jenna on the couch.

Jenna practices sitting on the couch.

Jenna asleep in her swing.

Jenna falls asleep in her swing after being fascinated by the flying fish.

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Jenna from 3 until 6 months

Jenna from 6 until 9 months

Jenna from 9 until 12 months