Jenna-English for small bird.
Marie-French for bitter sea.

Jenna from 9 months to 1 Year.

Jenna and Brook.

Jenna had a visit from her friend Brook.

Jenna and Brook.

Jenna and Brook in a happy moment.

Jenna with daddy's laptop

Jenna tries to guess Daddy's password.

Jenna plays with balloons.

Jenna plays with her birthday balloons.

Jenna attacks a present.

Scene from Jenna's party.

Jenna has on her party hat

Jenna wears her party hat.

Jenna attacks her cake

Jenna attacks her birthday cake.

Jenna sings for her supper

Eating is so much easier now.

Jenna and Daddy.

Daddy's favorite way to wake up.

I could'nt sleep like that.

Jenna and Mr Rabbit take a nap.

Jenna comes after Mommy.

Jenna coming after Mommy.

Jenna and Uncle Alex.

Jenna pays a visit to Uncle Alex.

Jenna in a bag.

Jenna gets ready to celebrate Mommy's birthday.

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Jenna from birth until 3 months

Jenna from 3 until 6 months

Jenna from 12 until 16 months