Jenna-English for small bird.
Marie-French for bitter sea.

Jenna from 12 to 16 months.

Jenna in the closet.

Jenna gets ready to head to the ocean.

Jenna in the pool.

Jenna and Mommy in the pool.

Jenna takes a walk with Mr Rabbit.

Jenna and Mr Rabbit take a walk.

Jenna plays with her feet.

Jenna playing with her feet.

Jenna tries to make sense of it all.

Jenna checks out her presents.

Jenna was happy with the snowman

Jenna adopts a snowman.

Jenna begins to see how it works

Jenna starts to figure it out.

Jenna looking inside the paper

There is stuff inside the paper.

Jenna and Mommy.

It all starts to make sense.


I think she's got it.

Jenna and Mr Rabbit.

Jenna shows Mr Rabbit around Grammy's house.


Jenna in her Christmas dress.

Jenna opens more presents.

Jenna starts on round two at Grammy's house.

Cousin Miranda gets into the action.

Cousin Miranda gets into the Christmas spirit.

Jenna feeds Houston.

Jenna feeds Houston a carrot.

Jenna and Houston.

Jenna tries to hug Houston.

Jenna closeup.

Jenna close up at 16 Months.

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Jenna from birth until 3 months

Jenna from 3 until 6 months

Jenna from 6 until 9 months

Jenna from 9 until 12 months