Jenna-English for small bird.
Marie-French for bitter sea.

Jenna From 3 to 6 months

Jenna dressed as a pumpkin

Jenna sleeping thru Halloween.

Jenna and Daddy on the couch

Jenna like to watch football.

Jenna and Mr Snowman

Jenna just back from seeing Santa with a new friend.

Jenna watches football

Go Ravens!!!!.

Jenna and Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom feeds Jenna Christmas dinner.

Jenna and Gramps

Jenna and Gramps on Christmas Day.

Jenna in the bouncer

Jenna in the Bouncer.

Jenna in the hall

Jenna holding herself upright.

Jenna eats solid food for the first time

Jenna tries rice cereal, her first solid food.

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Jenna from birth until 3 months

Jenna from 6 until 9 months

Jenna from 9 until 12 months

Jenna from 12 until 16 months